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Compound identified that may fight bird flu

Scientists in Hong Kong and the U.S. have identified a synthetic compound which appears to be able to stop the replication of influenza viruses, including the H5N1 bird flu virus.

Egyptian woman contracts bird flu

A 33-year-old Egyptian woman has contracted the highly pathogenic bird flu virus, the fourth case this month, Egyptian state news agency MENA said.

Bird flu found on Kentucky poultry farm

State and federal authorities are investigating an outbreak of bird flu on a poultry farm in western Kentucky.

Vietnamese woman infected with bird flu

A 23-year-old Vietnamese woman has been infected with bird flu and is in serious condition, the World Health Organization said.

Vietnam reports 2nd bird flu case this year

A melee broke out in northern Vietnam when more than 100 villagers prevented authorities from destroying chickens to stop the spread of bird flu, officials said.

3 Hong Kong birds test positive for bird flu

Three of the 21 dead birds that recently washed up on Hong Kong's shores tested positive for the deadly strain of bird flu, the government said Wednesday.

No signs Canada bird flu outbreak has spread

There is no sign an outbreak of bird flu in Canada has spread beyond the turkey farm near Vancouver where the disease was discovered last week but testing continues, officials said.

China warns of 'grim' fight against bird flu

China faces a grim situation in preventing and controlling human cases of bird flu, the health minister said after announcing four infections and three deaths.

China reports second bird flu death

The Chinese Health Ministry says a second person has died from bird flu in China this year.

Beijing woman dies from bird flu, China says

A relative, right, mourns for a family loss of 19-year-old Huang Yanqing who died from bird flu in Beijing, China. The official Xinhua News Agency said Huang became ill after buying and cleaning nine ducks last month at a market in Hebei province, which borders Beijing. A Chinese woman has died from bird flu in a Beijing hospital, the government reported , but the World Health Organization said the case did not signal a new public health threat.

Bird flu confirmed in eastern India

The deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu has been found in samples taken from dead chickens in eastern India.

Hong Kong on high alert after bird flu outbreak

A World Health Organization official urged Asian governments not to let down their guard against bird flu, saying a new outbreak in Hong Kong shows the disease still poses a threat.

Hong Kong reports bird flu outbreak

Dec. 9: Thousands of chickens are being slaughtered in Hong Kong after three tested positive for the H5 virus. Msnbc.com's Dara Brown reports. (msnbc.com)Three dead chickens tested positive for bird flu in Hong Kong, prompting the city to suspend poultry imports for 21 days and begin slaughtering 80,000 birds, an official said Tuesday.

Risk of bird flu pandemic great despite efforts

International efforts have pushed back the spread of bird flu this year, but the risk of a global influenza pandemic killing millions is as great as ever, the United Nations reported.



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