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Global Health: Infant Deaths Fall Sharply in Africa With Routine Antibiotics

Providing one dose every six months saved one in four babies, researchers reported. Now the W.H.O. will consider recommending routine use.

‘Desperation Oncology’: When Patients Are Dying, Some Cancer Doctors Turn to Immunotherapy

The drugs don’t work against every cancer — but on rare occasions, they work miracles.

A Lifesaving Pump for Cancer Patients Is Being Phased Out

A small, implantable device made by a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary has been discontinued, with no replacement in sight.

F.D.A. Cracks Down on ‘Juuling’ Among Teenagers

The agency has begun an aggressive campaign to target retailers and manufacturers that market e-cigarettes to minors. The devices’ popularity has alarmed parents, schools and public health officials.

Infinitesimal Odds: A Scientist Finds Her Child’s Rare Illness Stems From the Gene She Studies

When it comes to studying the genetics of the brain, Soo-Kyung Lee is a star, yet she was stunned to discover the cause of her daughter’s devastating disabilities.

The Healing Edge: ‘Whole Again’: A Vet Maimed by an I.E.D. Receives a Transplanted Penis

A young soldier whose genitals were destroyed underwent extensive reconstructive surgery that doctors hope to offer to others who were wounded at war.

With George H.W. Bush Hospitalized, the World Wonders: Is It a Broken Heart?

Failing health after sudden grief — especially the loss of a spouse — has been reported by medical researchers. But it seems to be statistically quite rare, experts said.

Trump Administration Pushes Abstinence in Teen Pregnancy Programs

New rules don’t explicitly exclude teaching about contraception and protected sex, but favor “sexual risk avoidance” and don’t require as rigorous evidence of efficacy.

Trilobites: Why It Seems as if Everyone Is Always Angry With You

It’s possible that they aren’t, it’s just that you have trouble reading neutral facial expressions because of your family experience, a new study suggests.

Common Pain Relievers Beat Opioids for Dental Pain Relief

Over-the-counter drugs like Advil and Tylenol are safer and more effective than prescription opioids for easing pain following dental procedures.

There’s No Smoking in Disney Films. What About When It Owns Fox?

Walt Disney Studios hasn’t released a movie that depicts smoking since 2015. Now antismoking activists want that rule extended to all films aimed at young audiences by Fox, which Disney is buying.

Phys Ed: How Strenuous Exercise Affects Our Immune System

Marathons or other vigorous events are unlikely to make you vulnerable to colds afterward, according to a myth-busting review of the latest science.

In Real Life, SPF 100 Sunscreens May Work Better Than SPF 50

People almost never put on enough sunscreen, so using a higher SPF may be your best bet.

Well : Think Biking or Walking to Work Would Take Too Long? Think Again

People often overestimate the time required to commute actively.

Personal Health: Are G.M.O. Foods Safe?

In the decades since the first genetically modified foods reached the market, no adverse health effects among consumers have been found.

The New Health Care: California, Coffee and Cancer: One of These Doesn’t Belong

A judge’s ruling on warning labels for coffee isn’t backed by evidence and could do more harm than good.

Reporter’s Notebook: How’s the Air in London? ‘We Should Be Worried’

Our reporter visited an artist’s “pollution pods” to sample the smog and haze he recreated from some of the world’s most contaminated cities.

The Mass-Shooting Survivor Network

“Talking to others has helped me realize that I’m not a crazy person.”

Cannabis Flowers Are Legal in Italy. You Just Can’t Eat or Smoke Them.

The new cannabis product has created a booming but unregulated economy in Italy. Is it a bubble waiting to be burst?

Global Health: Ethicists Call for More Scrutiny of ‘Human-Challenge’ Trials

A vaccine study in which subjects are to be deliberately infected with Zika is on pause after ethicists said it had “insufficient value.”

Ask Well: Can You Miss the Signs of Heart Disease or a Heart Attack?

It’s not always easy to tell if you have heart disease or have had a heart attack.

Turning to Marijuana for a Runners’ High and More

Some runners use marijuana to provide a mental or physical boost.

F.D.A. Panel Recommends Approval of Cannabis-Based Drug for Epilepsy

Epidiolex was developed to treat two rare and devastating forms of the disease. It contains a chemical compound found in marijuana but not the one that makes people high.

When Is It Safe to Eat Salad Again?

An outbreak of infections linked to bagged romaine lettuce has left salad lovers confused. Here are answers to common questions about leafy greens.

Prince’s Overdose Death Results in No Criminal Charges

The authorities in Minnesota said that no one would be prosecuted in the musician’s 2016 death from a fentanyl overdose, though a doctor will pay a civil settlement.

Hans Asperger Aided Nazi Child Euthanasia, Study Says

The autism researcher collaborated with the Third Reich and actively assisted in the killing of disabled children, a new report says.

Matter: Bodies Remodeled for a Life at Sea

The Bajau, who spend most of their time on the ocean, are among the best divers in the world. Evolution is remaking them, a new study finds.

E. Coli Outbreak Tied to Romaine Lettuce Expands to 16 States

At least 53 people have been infected so far, and more than half have been hospitalized.

What #MeToo Means to Teenagers

While the “Me Too” movement has largely focused on adults, sexual harassment can leave deep and lasting scars on children and teens too.



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